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Marriage these days seems to be a thing of the past, but with God marriage is Holy and Righteous.


You may be surprised to learn, marriage was God’s idea.  Marriage represents the Holy of Holies in the Jewish Temple.  You may say, well I am not Jewish so that excludes me, no it does not.  Remember, there is a Temple in Heaven as well.


Godly marriage certainly is between a man and a woman, a real man and woman!  When a marriage is to take place, the couple agrees to God’s conditions of marriage before they are married.


So how does the Holy of Holies come in?  I am glad you asked.  The Holy of Holies is sacred and set aside for only the High Priest one day a year.  Jesus Christ is the believer’s High Priest, and the couple spiritually go into the Holy of Holies and come out as one.


The couple leaves their families and cleaves together.  This means they are so close that nothing can get between them, accept the Lord.


We would suggest you read Song of Songs in the Bible.  If you see this story as between a bridegroom and His Bride, you should see that God is for romance, sex and family.


In the New Testament, the Bride of Christ is a true believer, and Christ is the Bridegroom.


Satan has attempted to distort and destroy marriage.  He has been very successful throughout the world.  For this reason the sanctity of marriage is so critical to the survival of a culture.


What if someone is not a believer.  Does God hold that person responsible for His principles?  Yes, He does because He created everything including you.  It does not make any difference whether or not you believe in Him.  He did not make Himself God and certainly you did not make Him God.  He is God!


God has given everyone a conscience that He has programmed to discern between right and wrong.


Marriage is for life, but certainly there are Godly reasons for divorce and remarriage.  Check out the Bible and find out.  It will mean more to you.  Thank you for your interest in what God has to say about marriage.






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