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Joan Eckstein

What a blessed miracle when the Lord claimed me as His own child.  When my children were born, I knew I had to teach them about the Lord Jesus Christ, like my mother taught me.  Gradually I came to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  One night I got up and got on my knees and cried and asked Him to forgive me. I wanted to give my whole self to Him.  I said take me and use me.  He had me care for people and love everyone in His name.  


What a wonderful journey it has been with Jesus and the Holy Spirit ruling my heart.  I give thanks for all the people who have fed me His Word along the way.  Especially Paul Christiansen’s and David Hocking”s teachings.  Since I have been born again, what peace I have.  


What a wonderful thing to know that Jesus died on the Cross for my sins, was buried, three days later rose from the dead and ascended to Heaven where He dwells at right hand of the Father.

Anita Carilll

I thank my Father God in Heaven for my salvation through Jesus Christ.  


My life now has hope, joy and a purpose.  


My hope, which is guaranteed according to the His Word, the Bible.  This means I have eternal life with the One who created me in the first place.


My joy comes from the opportunities to serve my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


My purpose in life is very different as my focus is now on His Word and sharing the Gospel with those He places in my life so they may have the same hope and joy that I have even though I have M.S. and am wheel chair bound.  Before my salvation, this would have been very difficult to deal with.


I hope this is an encouragement, especially to those with disabilities.


Dr. Paul D. Christiansen


I became a Christian when

I was forty-five.  I first really heard the Gospel while living and working in Saudi Arabia.  

I am now eighty.


Since my salvation, I have been teaching Sunday

school for Children and adults, teaching Bible studies three times a week and giving Sermons for nine years.


Joan and I have been Producing Videos on the Bible and the Middle East Past, Present & Future for about Seven years.


I give all the Glory, Honor and Thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


I pray this Website will be

a blessing to all who visit it.  Thank you for your visit!



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