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Question:  What if one does not believe in the Bible?

Answer:  Whether or not one believes in the Bible, that does not change whether the Bible is true and without error.  The Scriptures are able to stand on its own.

There are plenty of historical events that validates the Bible.  The Egyptian Empire was defeated by the Assyrian Empire, the Assyrian Empire was defeated by the Babylonian Empire, the Babylonian Empire was defeated by the Medo-Persian Empire and so on. This was presented in Chapter 2 of Daniel.  Nebuchadnezzar II, had a dream revealing nine empires in world history long before the first six became a reality.

Archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of Nineveh, which was the capitol of the Assyrian Empire, and found several artifacts that validate the Bible's authenticity such as, the palace of King Sargon II which secular scholars said did not exist.

The Bible is a collection of scrolls placed in one book.  The original autographs were written in Hebrew, Greek and a few chapters in Aramaic.  It is true, we do not have these because of centuries of deterioration; however, the first editions of the Bible were hand copies.  Today, there are thousands of copies which have been placed on computers for scholars to study.

The Bible is its own provider of evidence to its authority.  Approximately one-third of the Bible is prophetic.  As of today, all of those relating to the first coming of the Lord have been fulfilled to the letter.  There are also prophesies about cities and nations which have been fulfilled.  So why would the second coming prophecies about the Lord Jesus Christ not be fulfilled?  We can trust the Bible to have all of the prophecies fulfilled to the letter.

Question:  Why does one have to be "born again"?

Answer:  Good question!  Born Again is a term used to express individuals who have been saved or received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Salvation is the work of God the Father who calls a person, the Holy Spirit convicts a person of sins leading to repentance, turning from sins and turning toward the Lord.  Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father and one must believe He is fully God, took that person’s sins on Himself, died and bodily rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven and awaits the Fathers word to return for His Church.

Question:  What is the different among the Devil, Satan And Lucifer?

Answer:  Lucifer means the angel of light, the Devil is our adversary and Satan is our accuser.  All three names refer to the same individual.  He is a real spiritual person but he can manifest as an angel of light, a man as well as other forms.  There are people who “play” games with him and his fallen angels.  God has always had far more power then Satan, and if you are saved, you have nothing to worry about.  He has no power over you.  All he wants to do is to defeat Jesus Christ and so Satan goes after God’s creation.  Satan’s goal has always been to destroy and his method is to deceive.