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My music is not difficult to describe, for in many ways it not unusual as music goes.  However, people have remarked there is a significant difference which can be difficult to describe.  One individual said, “its like playing in the cracks.”  That is, playing notes that are not on the piano keyboard.


What is different about my music, it the method in which it is composed.  The composition and performance are taking place simultaneously.  New technologies have enabled my to digitally record and store my music.  Using an instrument like the Clavinova, I am able to make my music available to others.  My does not come “by ear” rather at times I feel it comes by the inspiration of God.  Giving a name to a composition is more difficult than creation one.  If I had the score printed out, more than likely I would not be able to play it as some of the passages would be too difficult for me.


Describing what happened when I play is difficult, but the more I lose awareness of self, the easier it is to compose and perform,.  After I hear sounds from the keyboard they stimulate thoughts and feelings and set in motion the next sound to be produced.  I do not comprehend how my mind accomplish's this, especially when the rate of interaction is rapid.


I have been given a gift and limitations to keep me focused on who is to receive the credit.  I pray each of you would listen to these works will be blessed in some way.


With Love in Christ, Paul







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