Seven Websites At The Same Address

1 Diversity Network Institute

Diversity Training Resources

Paradigm Shift in Thinking about Diversity

Diversity Training Seminar:

Learning to Live without Labels

2 Isaiah 9:10 Judgment


Is It Too Late For America?

3 Holiday Village

Online Village Theater

Full Length Movies

Special Video Features

Videos of Holiday Village Activities

4 Christiansen's Music

Performances Variety of Original Music

Simultaneously Composed and Performed

5 Dr. Christiansen Ministries

Formerly Village Community Church

Formerly Village Community Church

Ministry of Dr. Paul D. Christiansen

Sermons from Genesis to Revelation

Bible Studies

Video Presentations Based on the Bible

Memorial Services

6 Middle East Past, Present & Future

Based on Secular History,

Bible Prophecy & Personal Experiences

Land and People Groups

Overview History of Islam

Testimonies of Former Islamic Terrorists

Truth Regarding Land of Israel & Jewish People

Several Audio & video Presentation

7. Fellowship Square Theater

Contact Information

Telephone (480) 678-2351\


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