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The Beginnings



Restoration of Man Noah



God’s Call and Testing of Abram



Two Nations Within Call of Jacob



A Family to a Nation



The Sacrifice of One



From Obedience to Disobedience to Obedience



Obedience Regardless the Strength of the Enemy



A Former to a Great Grandmother of a King



From a Shepherd to a King



From the Tabernacle to the Temple



From Strength and Boldness to Weakness and Fear



Another Begins Where Another Ends



Trusting Regardless the Cost



Handwriting Is on the Wall



Lions Don’t Eat Righteous Food



One Man Many Prayers for the Nation



A Faithful Remnant Obeys God



Blessings Lost for Not Waiting for God



What Is the State of Your Walls and Gates



God Protects and Defends His People



The Incarnation of God



The Triumphant Entry The Lamb or the King



From Passover to the New Covenant Resurrection