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The DNI Journal
The Diversity Network Institute provides a variety of articles and writings which reflect its mission and vision of people relating to one another as individuals, not members of groups. We invite you to copy and use these materials, as you learn to live without the use of prejudicial labels.

All we ask is for you to give source and copyright credits.

We live and work in a fast-paced world and face many challenging situations.
As we go about our daily activities, we need guidance and direction. DNI was founded with this specific purpose in mind. Our products are uniquely different from most other training materials on the market today. DNI wants to be a beacon to assist you along your journey in providing a harmonious environment in a greater diverse society and workplace. Unity at its best is diversity in harmony!


Click to Hear What True Love Is.

Written by Montigue and Read by Chuck Swindoll


The DNI Journal


Edition Major Topic
Spring 2004 Unity is Diversity in Harmony
Fall 2004 Is Multiculturalism Another Symbol of The Emperor's New Clothes?
Spring 2005 Hopi Language Preservation Project
Fall 2005 Multiculturalism—A Paradigm Shift
Spring 2006 Multiculturalism vs. Hate Crimes
Fall 2006 Multiculturalism Motivates Teachers & Students Incentives for the Workplace at Large


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