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It's time for a paradigm shift when it comes to diversity training!

Have you —

Tried to meet diversity training goals?

Tried to enhance productivity?

Tried to improve interpersonal relationships?

Tried other diversity training programs?


Are you —

Afraid of offending others?

Afraid of losing your own identity?

Avoiding diversity training?


Then —

Here's what you're looking for!
The Learning to Live without Labels Seminar!
This internal transformational seminar promotes:
• Effective Communication
• Visionary Leadership
• Skilled Management


To address this paradigm shift, the Diversity Network Institute has developed a seminar entitled—Learning to Live without Labels:
A Strategy for Developing Multicultural Values.
The Mission of the LLL Seminar is for Individuals to become...
• Culturally Aware
• Accepting of Diversity
• Multiculturally Appreciative
• Competent in Accessing other People and Cultures


• This seminar consists of ten modules that lay a foundation for multicultural awareness, acceptance, appreciation and accession.

• The seminar applies the three domains of learning; cognitive (thinking), psychomotor (doing) and affective (feeling). It also includes interactive workshops, guided discussions and times for quiet reflection.

• At the core of each module is a video segment and workshop.

• The videos contain extensive use of graphics, animation, photographs, live footage and sound effects which communicate the concepts and principles being presented.

• The interactive workshops are built upon the concepts and principles presented in each video segment.

• These workshops provide an opportunity for the internalization and application of the video content so genuine multicultural beliefs, expectations, attitudes and behaviors can be acquired.

• Skills are then built upon the foundation of changed values.


This seminar is more than a diversity training program!
It gives participants an opportunity to make a paradigm shift in how they view:..
Multiculturalism Personal Culture Biases & Prejudices
Discrimination Unity Diversity
Setting Priorities Making Comparisons Barriers or Walls
Security Acceptance Significance
Hate Crimes Negotiations Compromises
This seminar provides participants with strategies for overcoming and preventing walls.
This is a seminar prepared and ready to meet the increasing challenges for a greater awareness, acceptance and appreciation of the similarities and differences among people in our communities, places of work and schools.
It's based on sound research and established psychological principles and procedures.


The Diversity Network Institute has created a major paradigm shift in the definition and application of the terms multiculturalism, multicultural and multiculture.
MULTICULTURALISM are the beliefs which value accessing other individuals by developing an awareness, acceptance and appreciation for other people in a respecting, caring and sharing manner.

MULTICULTURALISM starts with the belief that people are first and foremost individuals.

MULTICULTURALISM does not live in denial of the fact that people have been grouped by the components of their culture—their likes, dislikes, looks, etc. But multiculturalism refuses to allow labels to represent a person.

This does not mean that a person's beliefs need to be accepted. This does not mean that by accepting an individual that people should not defend themselves. Justice under the law must prevail. Even those individuals who have been tried and convicted and sentenced to death can still be shown respect. If not, those carrying out justice can have their attitudes and behaviors negatively altered.

MULTICULTURAL is defined as an adjective that describes the behaviors of a multicultural person.

When a person accesses the personal and collective cultures of other individuals, they are behaving in a multicultural manner.

MULTICULTURE refers to the background of a multicultural person.

The background can refer to the totality of ones experiences, knowledge and education.

The background can also refer to a person's paradigm that is the way one views the world.



To fulfill our mission, DNI has produced a seminar titled, Learning to Live without Labels: A Strategy for Developing Multicultural Values. This seminar is a tool to train individuals to become culturally aware, accepting of diversity, multiculturally appreciative and competent in accessing other people and cultures.

Organization Purchases and Facilitates the Seminar



Start reaping the benefits from living

without the use of prejudicial labels!

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