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Mission & Strategies

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Our Mission is to encourage individuals to become multiculturally competent in new and renewed relationships through which they live and work without the use of prejudicial labels.

We believe the most genuine expression of unity among people is not an artificial uniformity fostered by external conformity, but is unity which is diversity in harmony—through the working out of internal values as long as these values do not conflict with another person's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We desire to assist individuals in becoming culturally aware, accepting of diversity, multiculturally appreciative and competent in accessing outer people and cultures.


Dr. Paul D. Christiansen, businessman, educator and author, founded the Diversity Network Institute. DNI, is a "C" Corporation registered and operating under the laws and regulations of the Arizona Corporation Commission (Tax I.D. # 86-0869304). At the present time, the Corporation is privately owned and operates under the authority of its Bylaws and Board of Directors who are responsible to the Stockholders.

The Diversity Network Institute is an organization committed to providing a unique blend of multicultural and cultural diversity training services and products. These are specifically designed to enhance skills and performance in the areas of leadership, management and communication. Our services & products are built upon a foundational belief that "Unity is Diversity in Harmony."

These services and products are available to businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, religious organizations and individuals.


Dr.Christiansen is a foremost expert on the subject of multiculturalism and has invested over thirty years into research and practical application of his studies both in the United States and abroad.

His doctoral dissertation dealt with how people perceive others based on race and ethnicity. It was through this study he came to the conclusion that biases and prejudices, based on race and ethnicity, are developed at a very young age. This research further indicated that stereotypes and prejudice grow out of a misapplication of labels. It also demonstrated that there is as much diversity between people who share the same racial, ethnic or cultural labels, as there is between those of different classifications. Dr. Christiansen has demonstrated with his life, work and research that multicultural beliefs, expectations, attitudes and behaviors can also be learned and transmitted to others. People can learn to relate to others independently of labels

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