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Sermons by Dr. Paul D. Christiansen  
Former Pastor of the Village Community Church  
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The Real Message of Christmas 23 Minutes
Beyond the Resurrection 27 Minutes
Obedience Waiting for God 28 Minutes
Pentecost: Birthday of the Church 27 Minutes
The Church: First to the Jews Part 1 30 Minutes
The Church: First to the Jews Part 2 26 Minutes
The Church: First to the Jews Part 3 33 Minutes
The Church: Then to the Gentiles 38 Minutes
The Church: Who Are the Real Enemies? 44 Minutes
Law or Grace? 35 Minutes
Friend or Foe? 36 Minutes
To Judge or Not to Judge? 38 Minutes
Truth or Deception? 41 Minutes
Freedom or Bondage? 26 Minutes
Christmas and the Truth of God's Word 27 Minutes
Loyalty or Treason? 32 Minutes
First or Second Hand? 30 Minutes
Now or Later? 42 Minutes
The Court or the Mob? 42 Minutes
Growth or Stagnation? 31 Minutes
Which Spirit: Holy or Satanic? 47 Minutes
Which Kingdom: God's or Satan's? 42 Minutes
Lost or Gain? 40 Minutes
Which Supper: Lord's or God's 22 Minutes
Humility and Tears or Pride and Profit? 27 Minutes
Rejoice or Despair? 21 Minutes
Divine Destiny or Change? 33 Minutes
Submission or Rebellion? 29 Minutes
Innocent or Guilty? 24 Minutes
Which Course:God's or Man's? 27 Minutes
Which Healing: Spiritual or Physical? 29 Minutes
God Gave Them Over 36 Minutes
God's Judgment of Sin 29 Minutes
Being Thankful for God's Faithfulness 38 Minutes
Faith, Source, Purpose, Results 36 Minutes
Is the Power of Sin Broken? 38 Minutes
What Really Happened in Bethlehem? 29 Minutes
More Than Conquerors? 35 Minutes
Has the Church Replaced Israel? 36 Minutes
What Is the Longing of Your Heart? 30 Minutes
Which Alter Are You On? 33 Minutes
Who Is in Charge? 33 Minutes
Be Indebted to Love 28 Minutes
What Diet Are You On? 28 Minutes
One in Christ 29 Minutes
Watch Out Be Alert 25 Minutes
Is the Message of the Cross Foolish? 24 Minutes
Man's Wisdom or God's Power 24 Minutes
On What Foundation Are You Building Your Life? 29 Minutes
That Hidden in Darkness Will be Brought to Light 29 Minutes
Which Bread Are You Kneading? 33 Minutes
Are You Prepared to Serve as a Judge? 32 Minutes
Married: To Be or Not To Be? 32 Minutes
Knowledge With Love 44 Minutes
Who's Rights? 32 Minutes
How Strong Are You? 38 Minutes
The Glory of the Lord 37 Minutes
Gifted to Serve 35 Minutes
Loving God's Way 24 Minutes
Sown Perishable—Raised Imperishable 30 Minutes
Suffering Can Bring Comfort 33 Minutes
Treasurers in Clay Jars 33 Minutes
Who Are You Pleasing? 37 Minutes
Today Is The Day of Salvation 46 Minutes
True Repentance Brings Joy 44 Minutes
Wolves In Sheep Clothes 26 Minutes
What's Your Thorn? 30 Minutes
Ministering With Confrontation 38 Minutes
The Righteous Shall Live By Faith 35 Minutes
The Fruits of Resurrection Minutes
What You Sow You Reap Minutes
How Does God See You? 34 Minutes
God's Equal Shares? 43 Minutes
Living in The Light While Being Surrounded By Darkness 44 Minutes
Are You Suited Up For Battle? 35 Minutes
The Secret of Joy 36 Minutes
How Bright Are You Shining? 36 Minutes
What Is Your Confidence and Goal? 33 Minutes
What Do You Dwell On? 53 Minutes
Is Jesus Enough? 38 Minutes
Are You Worthy of the Glory of God? 42 Minutes
Are You Qualified for the Prize? 40 Minutes
Who or What Are You Working For? 35 Minutes
Who or What Is Your Calling? 41 Minutes
Only the Message? 42 Minutes
How Do You Please God? 41 Minutes
Are You Yearning or Yawning for His Return? 40 Minutes
Are You Prepared to Accept or Reject the Lawless One? 53 Minutes
Do Not Tire of Doing What Is Right 36 Minutes
Do What Are You Really Thankful For? 52 Minutes
Worshipping God's Way 38 Minutes
God's Requirements for Leaders 24 Minutes
Have You or Will You Fall Away? 51 Minutes
How to Relate to Widows, Elders and Slaves 49 Minutes
Who or What Owns You? 38 Minutes
Are You Willing to Suffer For the Gospel? 50 Minutes
Are the Last Days Here? 51 Minutes
Silence Those With Corrupt Minds and Consciences 42 Minutes
From Slavery to Slavery? 37 Minutes
Good, Better, Best 36 Minutes
The Superiority of Christ Jesus 50 Minutes
Six Danger Signals 66 Minutes
Good and Better Things Must Come To An End 38 Minutes
Joy in Trials? 35 Minutes
Roots of Anger 39 Minutes
Unjustified Favoritism 37 Minutes
Faith in Action 35 Minutes
Guarding Your Tongue 30 Minutes
How Can You Get Close to God? 40 Minutes
Where Is God In Your Life? 35 Minutes
The Greatest Privilege 37 Minutes
Living Stones in God's House 28 Minutes
Applying God's Promises 46 Minutes
The Lord to the Rescue Again 28 Minutes
1 JOHN  
Are You In The Light? 32 Minutes
Are You Under the Water and Blood? 35 Minutes
2 JOHN  
The Boundaries of Truth 27 Minutes
3 JOHN  
The Hospitality of Truth 32 Minutes
What to Do in Days of Apostasy? 43 Minutes
Jesus the Glorified One and Overcomer 62 Minutes
Jesus the Worthy and Wrathful One 37 Minutes
Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords 43 Minutes

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