Middle East Past, Present & Future
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Prepared and Presented by Dr. Paul D. Christiansen and Joan Eckstein

Copyright 2016

Know your real enemy!

Just as the black widow spider uses her mate and then eats him,

so Satan wants to destroy everyone and the world.

His method is deception, to get his prey not to see his web.


Video Table of Contents

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1 - 3 Welcome and Preparation
  Disclaimers and Validation of Presenter
  Know Your Real enemy
4 - 6 World History Past, Present & Future As Presented in the Scriptures and Validated by Secular History
  Where Did the People come From that Comprise These Empires?
  Call of Abram
7 - 9 How Does Islam Fit Into the Middle East Past, Present & Future?
  The Two Major Divisions of Islam
  Islam's Two Major Collections of Writings
10-12 The Religion of Islam
  The Five Pillar of Islam
  Islamic Theology and Principles of Faith
13 Classical or Golden Age of Islam
14-15 Redial Islam, Terrorists Groups and Jihadists
  Two Major Approaches in Conquering the World for Allah
16-17 Conflict Between Muslims Increased After Israel Was Reestablished in 1948
  Comparison Between the God of Judaism/Christianity and Islam
18 End Time Scenario As Described in the Bible
19 Additional Forces Affecting the Middle East
20-22 Middle East After "911"
  Barack Obama's Domestic Policies Relating to National Security
  Barack Obama's Foreign Policies Relating to National Security
23-24 Obama's Real Agenda?
  Shadow Government
25 The "Days of Noah" Are Here
26-27 Where Is the Lord in All of This?
  For Your Response
28 Tips on Witnessing to Muslims
29 Closing

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Last Modified: June 04, 2016