Moments Across Time

Volume 3: Motivations

Grace Lutheran Church Organ • Albert Lea, Minnesota
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Warrior (5:22)

Fortress (5:14)

Reveille (6:35)

Assemble (6:20)

March (4:41)

Charge (4:54)

Attack (4:59)

Battle (10:26)

Victory (6:57)

Celebration (6:56)

Total Time (62:24)


The organ has been called,


of instruments.

This instrument was designed by Herman L. Schlicker.

The tonal voicing and finishing was accomplished by John Obermeyer and Donald Bohall.

This instrument is free standing, encased, with mechanical key action and electrical stop action.

The swell is under expression.

This instrument has three manuals; 28 stops; 38 ranks; 1,895 pipes.

Wind: Great-2 1/4 inch; Swell-2 1/4 inch; Pedal-2 1/2 inches; Positiv-2 inches.


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