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Module Title Video Title Workshop Title
Opening—Let's Get Set! Let's Get Set!  
1—Let's Go! Let's Get Acquainted!  
2—What's a Multicultural Individual? What Is Multiculturalism? What Is Multicultural?
3—What Forces Shape Culture? Can You See Beyond Labels? What Are Your Labels?
4—What Are Your Values? Why Value Multiculturalism? What Are Your Priorities?
5—How Is Culture Transformed? Change The Root—Change The Fruit! How Do & Did You Compare?
Reopening—Let's Reconvene! Let's Reconvene!  
6—Does Discrimination Hurt? How Has Discrimination Hurt Others? How Has Discrimination Hurt You?
7—What Are Walls Made Of? How Are Walls Built? Let's Build A Wall!
8—Can Walls Be Overcome? Can Walls Have Windows and Doors? Let's Overcome a Wall!
9—Let's Keep Growing! What Will Keep You Growing? Where Would You Like to Grow?
10—Will You Accept the Opportunity? Where Do You Go from Here?  
Closing—Let's Go For It! Let's Go For It!  
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